Sunday, February 3, 2008

Terms (please read!)

Here are some terms that you must know
1. All the videos here are not perfectly same as the original file (the clips, view size, quality, etc). So if you like the videos or want to have the full and perfect version, you can buy the original VCD or DVD, from official dealer.

2. All videos have been tested and run well. But it isnt my responsibility if its not run well in your PC

3. All videos are free to download, so if anyone ask you to donate for my site, i never asked for it.

4. It is full your responsibility (if you get injured) if you trained using movement that you saw in videos

5. All videos in my blog are only clips, not full version (example, i only upload match at UFC xx, but not the full UFC matches, or i only upload some tutorial lesson, not full CD).

6. The law about uploading and downloading videos from internet are still unclear in my country.So it is ok for me to upload it here.

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