Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Legend : Andy Hug

Winning series of MMA championship, Andy Hug got special place in MMA fans's heart. His beautiful kick will always remember, and none can be like him. Unfortunately, Andy Hug must leave use because he died in young age (35) because of Leukimia. Hug made himself a legend in K1 (champion 1996, runner up 1997 and 1998)

Here is download able highlight video of Andy Hug
Andy Hug Highlight (7,2Mb)
Video can be played at windows movie maker

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chuck "Iceman" Liddell vs Alistair

Chuck Liddell right now has his popularity goes up. Here is one of his match. A good match against Alistair..And another interesting part of this match, it was commented by Frenchmen (well I think i got it from French's source). So it will be so many " Olala...."....

Yeah I thought Olala is only for food or something beautifull...but actually it was use for MMA match


Chuck Liddell vs Alistair (6,8Mb)
file can be played at Windows Media Player

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Match : Wanderlei Silva vs Cro Cop


This one really awesome. Both of them fought bravely...
Cro Cop doing his best while Silva fought till his last blood...
no more comment from me, just download it and seen it by yourself...
And yeah, I think I dont have to write about Silva or Cro cop since all of you already know them.

Silva vs Crocop (12Mb)
can be watch at Windows Media Player

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Crocop vs Sapp
Silva vs Tatsuya

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MMA in Blog

Mixed Martial Art arent common words in our life and yet in blogging world. And surely many people still don't know what MMA is?

For me MMA means match or fight between athlete or martial artist from different style. Also each artist generally known not only one type of fighting style, he/she may known to specialize at some martial art, BJJ and Karate, or Judo and Sambo, etc.

I prefer to use term artist or athlete than fighter, because of the word Art (for artist) and legal tournament in almost of my download able videos. Although people seen MMA as brutal event or sport, its not as danger as boxing I think. I don't even know any MMA athlete got killed in MMA match. But I know boxer who died after match.

I have seen some blog with MMA theme. And some of them are better than mine. They try to give detail information about Martial Art style. In my blog I just post some good videos to download, people don't need to have deep knowledge about martial art to watch it. Just seen it as entertainment and will be better if they got insight from what they've watched.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Known as "Shogun", Mauricio Rua made a good way in MMA match. And become well known MMA fighter as Fedor and Cro Cop. Unfortunately for him been defeated by Coleman and got injury for a long time. But also Rua got some good winning record ( against Quinton Jackson, Antonio Nogueira , Randleman )

Overall, Rua has a good ability in stand up and ground fighting. As you may see in the download able video, Rua fought pretty well. He strikes accurately. This video known as Rua's first MMA match , it was against Rafael Capoeira.

Mauricio Rua vs Rafael Capoeira (5,86Mb)
can be watch in Windows Media Player

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flying Armbar ( Rumina Sato )

An armbar is commonly known in MMA , but flying armbar is a bit special . Not many fighters applied it in MMA fight, but Rumina Sato well known because he used this technique in MMA fight. Rumina Sato himself was a popular fighter in late 90's , he has good reputation at Shooto.

Here is a video that you can download for free

Rumina Sato vs Charles Taylor (application of flying armbar in real tournament)

2 Mb only, can be watch at Windows Media Player


Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Gore match?

Below you can download a bloody match between Frye and Takayama. Its a match from Pride Fighting Championship Grand Prix. The first time I saw it, im very surprised of what they've done.....If you know Vitor Belfort who can strike rapidly , then this is two times hardly than Vitor, because both of them striking hard each other. Well the most important thing..nobody get killed...

Frye vs Takayama (9,4 Mb)
can be watch at Windows Media Player, unzipped with WinRar

Friday, April 18, 2008

Reborn...! (newest video : Fedor vs Yuji Nagata)

Hi all!
so sorry i cant update my blog for about a week. The government was tried to block so many site, including access to blogspot extension's site i guess. But now i decide to re open my blog, and dont care about that thing. I will told my fellow Indonesian to access my blog through proxy site if they cant access mine.

well, i also try to upload my newest videos to other site (not rapidshare, because it got block days ago, although now its ok).

anyway the newest video i've just add is match between Fedor vs Yuji Nagata.
Well its like a fight between high level fighter vs unlucky fighter (yeah, why you picked Fedor?). I think ref should stopped the match when Yuji got kick (while at ground)

here is the download link :

Fedor vs Yuji Nagata only 1,8 Mb
you can watch it through windows media player
first you can unpacked the file with winrar (common program in windows, if you dont have just search it in google)

more Fedor's video :
Fedor vs Hong Man Choi

please inform if you have problem in downloading! Thanks

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chess and Martial Art

Yesterday, one of my friend look at my blog and asked why I create the MA blog, because as she know, my hobby is chess. Yes and thats ok with my chess hobby along with MA. Im an ex chess teacher for about 3 years. I taught chess for children at age 5 until teenage. I never got my master title, but my students doing great at competition. The last championship that assisting by me, my student got bronze medal (South East Asia level).

Well there are same principles between chess and martial art. Do some wrong moves then your opponent will eliminate you. Also we must think precisely for attack and defense, even in martial art we're not thinking as long as in chess game, we still must put in strategy in game.

Practice makes perfect, chess and martial art needs practice. And also need sparring between you and "opponent". In chess we know also term combination, including pinning, discovery, and others. Combination also made in martial art, you can hit and lock, hit and take down, etc.

And as i know Lennox Lewis (boxer) also study chess to apply it in boxing match. So there are nothing odd about learning chess and martial art.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What If Jim Carey Teaches Self Defense?

Yeah he is a funny person, and a good comedian. I likes almost all of his movie, since The Mask and Ace Ventura. In this downloadable clip, Jim Carey acts as Self Defense instructor. Of course he taught with his funny style. You'll get laugh since the beginning of the clip. Kiai...kiai....kiai.... lol ...

Jim Carey Self Defense (7 Mb, non rapidshare)
file can be watch at Windows Media Player

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Smackdown Ending ( Shamrock vs Zinoniev)

Frank Shamrock vs Zinoniev, not the latest match of Shamrock , but still this is a good match for him. The match ended with WWE style . I think this kind of finishing cant be seen often in UFC matches.

Anyway i hosted this file at new hosting place (not rapidshare), hopefully my fellow friends from Indonesia can download it.

Frank Shamrock vs Zinoniev
(can be watch at Windows Media Player, size : 2,8 Mb)
please let me know if there is download problem.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dark Age for Blogger?

Hi, today i have very-very bad news...
Government of Indonesia has blocked some of big site due to Fitna Movie. My ISP blocked 7 site, including youtube, rapidshare, multiply (i dont know why multiply), metacafe, liveleak, themoviefitna and myspace. I think government gone crazy with this policy....because of 1 movie, then they blocked big sites.

I hope all of you still can download from my site (if you live outside Indonesia). For you that comes from Indonesia, dont worry i will try to upload my files to other site than rapidshare.

Well whatever the government do, i will strive to improve my blog

just pray for it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fight or Flight?

Fight or Flight, some said that was part of our basic instinct. When we encounter a problem, we can choose to engage or runaway. I think we can choose wisely when to fight and when to avoid or run. Runaway doesnt mean you're coward. Sometimes we must run because we're outnumbered or in disadvantage condition ( for the safety of people near us, family or girlfriend ).

Below there is a video you can download for free. In that video, you can watch a boxer who can dodge quickly opponent's strike ( he dodge it nicely ), but then he try to run from his opponent, and unfortunately the match ended bad for him, although commentator said it was entertaining match.


flv file, can be watch with flv player

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Spin Kick

Rarely happened in Martial Art's competition. Its a beautiful style but not very effective to perform. In downloadable video below, you can see how the spin kick performed in real martial art tournament. The artist gave his opponent feint mid kick and suddenly with good pace, he executed the spin kick. Really nice!

Spinkick (4,5Mb)
can be watch at Windows Media Player

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What the...!?

What the...!? if you watch the downloadable clips between Lautaro and his opponent. Well, Lautaro himself..isnt as popular as other MMA fighter like Cro Cop, Fedor, Gracie, Liddle or Mir. Lautaro win this match with a perfect punch (or lucky?), i dont know either Lautaro is a good fighter or he is lucky to get that type of opponent (who kindly gave his face to be punched?!)

The video worth to download, and i think you should watch te replay...because you dont know what happen exactly when you watch it at first time.

Quick and Fast (only 2,2Mb),can be watch at Windows Media Player

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Giant Fights!

Between Akebono and Giant Silva (not Wanderlei Silva)
both of them are big size fighter..
in the downloadable clips, you can also watch the application of hammer lock to end a fight (remember tutorial from Bas Rutten?)

Even they are in big size posture, they have kind hearted. At the end of fight they hug each other. Good Sportsmanship!

download free MMA clips :
Giant Silva vs Akebono
wmv file, can be watch at windows media player