Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Second Wind! Please Read before browsing!

Hi everybody!
its been a long time ... yeah I almost forget about this blog. Then , one day I check it and found that this blog got PR 3 in Google Page Rank. Wow, so people still keep coming to my blog.
There are some problem that I face till now that make me hard to continue to develop this blog
1. Uploading site...: i dont got many choices. Now i try to use sendspace, hope it will doing good
2. Movie Editor : I dont have it right now, mine was broken and keep error, any suggestion?
( simple one that can resize the video size and make some editing)

Time to cheer up!
Let this one be the first post
Because of some newest videos here are using flv file , better for you to have the
FLV player, you can download it here :

FLV Player
1,4 Mb

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Anything about this blog and link exchange will goes at this post...
post it here and i will respond