Monday, March 31, 2008

Gina Carano (hottest Female MMA)

Not only beautifull, she's good at muay thay. And she's also participate in MMA matches. She's got her pictures on Maxim Magazine and also get role at Gladiator (TV Shows)

you can watch download her clips here :
its a story about her Gina Carano (Flv file)
anyway you must download Flv player or have program to watch flv

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reason to fight

There are many reason to fight :
protecting ourself and family, i think this one is the most urgent reason to fight. And I believe that all of you will agree with this reason.

Fight for pride (?) its a bit funny i think. If you fight other people because you lost temper or you get insult. Yeah, but still this one is a logic reason for fight...especially in term of verbal bullying. If gang of people keep insulting you everyday, of course, I guess its ok to fight.

Sports, i dont include this reason as fight. Sport is sport, for the sake of health and hobby.

Girl (?) , this quite funny too...if you start a man to man fight to get a girl. Please re-think, although you won the fight, girl will not easily fall in love with you. We live in modern era, not in dinosaur era when you can get a girl through fight between man.

Money. This one also same as sport. You fight as your job. Of course in legal term (tournament), not fighting as your job is assasinator is ok i think )

So...whatever you do just think about the reason you done that things.
Have a nice day!

check index for more videos to download!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Martial Art Classical Love Story

Lets talk about something a bit outside martial art. Maybe most or some of you who learn martial art...often imagining about being a hero infront of the man/woman you loves. Well thats not a sin. We just imagine that there comes time when the love one get into trouble, then you come as a hero to save her (or him?) just like in action movie...

Well..sometimes i think about it too..but I think it will never happens in my life. I dont know, maybe im too lucky, i never get into trouble that i must fight physically against criminal or thug or bully...( i never been bullied !)

Yeah maybe we must be patience to have chance to be a
When my friend talk about her experience with just hope that i will be there at that time, so i can help her. You must be think the same things i thought...Even we get lost..I think it would be cool ( of course not to get killed..)

The picture taken from Ocean's Eleven..great movie, Ocean try to get his girl back and risk his life.

This is just my personal thought. Dont take it serious!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awareness to keep you alive

Focus,awareness, concentration, needed in everythings we do. Work , school, blogging , etc. In real life fight or in martial art tournament, we also must keep focus on our fight (match). Distraction may comes from spectators, opponent, or referee. If you get distract, then you can unconsciously lower your guard, or losing chance to hit opponent.

In Gilbert Yvel vs Carlos Barreto match's, there was incident make by the ref. I takes time for the ref to consult with other side. When the ref finished with his job, than match can continue. Unfortunately for fighter that get distract. And of course lucky for Yvel to use this chance to end the match with beautiful way.

you can download the match here
Yvel vs Barreto
file can be watched in Windows Media Player.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tameshiwari or in English define as breaking, is one subject in some traditional Japanese Martial Arts such as Karate. Usually bricks , wooden bar, or ice being used for breaking. Tameshiwari contest usually held also with martial arts tournament. The one who can breaks most bricks (or etc) will be the winner.

I used Tameshiwari training to know my strength. And yes, its usefull to know how much strength (increased) after doing physical training ( 1-2 months). When i first learn karate, i can only break 3 bricks, after some months, i can break 6-7 bricks.

One of the most important thing in doing Tameshiwari is breath control. Controlling breath can increase our focus and concentration, so you wont loose your energy by doing meaningless hit.

Here is a video showing a man doing Tameshiwari, you will get surprised of what he's done to that bricks.

Tameshiwari (1,4Mb only)
you can download it for free and watch it in Windows Media player
also check the index for more free downloadable videos

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is that a punch?

I've just add a clip of fight between Luis Fabiano and Diogo..well yeah this isnt MMA fights..of course their quality of fighting is a "bit" low. They throw some punches but none are landed (except the first one)....

Well punch need to have accurate point , speed and strength. You dont need to throw punches...just throw a punch with a good speed, accuracy and strength..
as you may see in fight between Cro Cop vs Bob Sapp

Soccer player's fight between Fabiano and Diogo can be downloaded here :
Fabiano vs Diogo

files can be played at Windows Media Player

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hands (personal thought)

Hands that calmed storm
Crucified for human beings
May the believers life forever with Him in heaven

He may called 12 legion of angels to attack peoples who try to catch him. Angel is one of the strongest being ever created. Even human are afraid of them (in Bible, everybody who meet angel will fall to the ground and get frightened). And i think an angel can beat all the MMA fighters accross the world.

At near end of the story, He got himself crucified in a cross....
A very poor image of God, God that "lost" against humans.

But at the end of the story, He raise from dead,which mean He won against the sin that created by human. He gave His grace to all human arround the world, so every human who believes in Him will get salvation in their life.

God Bless you!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Cro Cop vs Bob Sapp (Surprised Ending?)

They are good fighters, both of them are superstars in MMA. Of course fans hope that the fight between them will be tight or just full of strike. In K1 GP they meet to face each other. Surely it was a match full prestige. But as I seen it, well I'm surprised with how the match ended.

Download and watch it by yourself :
Cro Cop vs Bob Sapp (16 Mb)

File can be watched at Windows Media Player

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Humor in MMA

In everyday life humor plays good part in it. Humor or jokes made us relax and of course laugh (or even big laugh). I have add clips about funny things happen in MMA match, and i dont know whether its accidentally happened or not. Some of greatest MMA athlete got their role in it.

And of course in everythings, including jokes and funny momment, we can get a wise message, such as, "dont kiss your opponent in his lips..."

Also talking about MMA, sometimes will get others seen us weirdly...maybe they thought we're gay who likes to watch men holding each other. Before i end this post, funny conversation happened with my friend, through YM, when I informed him about my blog

me : (giving my blog link) visit it, maybe you interested on it
friend : is it any porn or nude pictures there?
me : no, but many semi nude if you want to see it..
friend : oh great
me : yeah and they try to hold each other
friend : ok i'll check it out
(after few seconds)
friend : damm...its about martial art
me : lol...yeah semi nude guys try to hold each other ( i mean grappling)

i thought my friend don't read carefully my blog adress (as seen in my signature)
anyway this was real story...(i translate it into English language)

downloadable funny MMA videos :
funnyMMA1 (20Mb)
funnyMMA2 (22Mb)
all files can be played at Windows Media Player. Yeps its a bit big size, but worth to see!

dont forget to check out the index for more videos

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Physical Ability

It will be not funny if you master many technique of martial arts but you will get knockout with one punch landed on your body or face. Also it will be weird if you have strong kicking strike but you only can fight in about 1 minute.

Stamina and physical ability play important role in martial art, whether in a match or real life fighting. More stamina means you can fight in long lasting time, and good physical ability made you as strong as rock. I have seen fighter with overweight body ( 155 kg with height 200 cm), yes in a match its ok, but not in real life. 155 kg means his weights are 3/4 his height, its obesity. Although he has good muscle, but automatically his movement will be slower and will absorb to many energy.

To train stamina and physic are easier than trains technique. But you need more commitment in training, because it will be hard and makes you tired. Running, sit up, push up with great amount of quantity will get you to better stamina and physic. That are the cheapest way, you dont need to pay for gym or fitness centre.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Never Give Up ( Fedor vs Hong Man Choi)

Get mounted, got several punches landed in his face..But seems it wont stop Fedor fight against Hong, a fighter with height over him. This match show us that when we try to resist and keep fighting, there must be a nice end. I didnt mention only in MMA world's, but also in our real life.

When we failed in career, school or even love life...dont ever stop to try again, and dont ever stop to stand and face all the problems. There will be chance to win the situation, just wait and keep your tough heart.

Downloadable videos :
Fedor vs Hong Man Choi (9,9Mb)
wmv files, you can watched it in Windows Media Player

really nice match to watch!

more videos to download, just check the index

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Some says attack as their best defense, but other says defense as their best attack. Well, for me, i choose the second statement. I'd like to wait for opponent to enter, then i do some defensive movement. Many MMA's matches end with the winning of the defender (the one who try to attack get him/herself countered).

And many of MMA matches run slow and bored because the two fighter just wait each other and preparing counter. They are just try to crouch and seen their opponent's weakness point.

However, in real life situation, of course we dont start to attack other (without a perfect reason), what acctually happened is the opponent start to attack us (criminal, thug, etc). Then of course what we do is try to defending ourself and made counter attack. I think thats what we called self defense.

maybe in next articles, i will write about attacking .
Anyway i have added lesson 9-12 in Helio Gracie's lesson about self defense
just check it out, and dont forget to check the index for article and videos that arent in main page.

have a nice day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Equal Creature

In our life, we can see variety of people arround us. Sometimes we seen them more lucky, more handsome, more stronger than us...and of course that will make us discomfort about ourself. Same as in MMA, there are matches seem not fairly human with big body vs small body, quick vs slow, strong striker vs weak striker...etc.

But if you want to look deep inside yourself, we can realize that God creates everybody "equal"...
when you've got your handicap, must be have something more advanced than others.

I dont have good eyesight since childhood. My eyes got only 30% sight since teenager...(must use thick glasses...). But im try to train myself in martial arts...and although i cant seen my opponent well, I have good kicking power and stamina. When doing sparr, my opponent can hit me 3 times...but with only one kick , i made him knock out.

Yeah i know, with my condition, i cant participate in competition, and right now, just practicing by myself and still doing physical training (push up, sit up, running,crunches). But still i have confident, because God gives me another uniqueness.

So , dont ruin yourself because you look up at others and look down at yourself. In Bible, David are not choosen by his father for the new king candidate, but God said to Samuel to choose David, because God seen David's heart than his physical ability.

Surely every of us got special talent and speciality

God bless you all!

PS : interested to watch big vs small man , check out
Gracie vs Akebono

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Ladies Fight

This one is Tonya Evinger (left) vs Julie Kedzie (right), they fight greatly in cage setting ring.

download the video here :

Kedzie vs Evinger (21Mb)
this is an FLV file, so you must have the FLV player or your player must compatible for flash video.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who is Bas Rutten?

A big mistake i made to mis type Bas Rutten name, yesterday i typed it as Bass Rutten. Very sorry about that mistake.

Anyway, i only heard Bas Rutten as a good fighter without knowing deeply about him. Yeah as I mention, no MMA shows aired in TV at my country ( Indonesia).

Bas Rutten has a great record when he actively fight in MMA. His record was 28 won 4 loss and 1 draw. In his fought history, he fight the Shamrocks 5 times , 2 against Ken (loss) , 3 against Frank ( 1 loss, 2 won ) . He got 3 times King of Pancrase title, UFC Heavyweight Champion, also got MTBN Thai Boxing instructor license, Pancrase instructor license.

Bas Rutten got many degree in martial art such as, 5th Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate, 2nd Degree black belt in Taekwondo....

When he was young, Bas got bullied everyday (high school). Surprisingly he return to his high school reunion as a MMA Champion. At that time , Bas challenge the gang who bullied him, but none of them dare to fight him.

hope this short article will made my visitor know about Bas Rutten...

I wrote this because some guy in mailing list feel surprised and ask about Bas Rutten ( Rotten what? and Is it a name of Dutch Band?)

You can learn some ground technique by Bas Rutten in this free downloadable tutorial :
Bas Rutten Tutorial

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Christianity and Martial Art (Personal Thought)

As i have written in the title, this is my personal thought, if you get unhappy with that one, you can just skip this post and read another or start downloading the free clips.

Many people feel controversy between Martial Art and Christianity, majority said that Martial Art against Christianity.

For me , Martial Art and Christianity can be in the same road. God provide us with many things, and it depend on use to use it for good things or bad. God gives us uranium, we can made it for power plant supply, or otherwise we can made nuclear weapon.

God gives us body, we can use it for good thing as sport or we can use it for bad thing as doing free sex or prostitution.

As He gives me a heathy body, i should take care of it well. Training in Martial Art will support our health. Also I train for helping others not for showing who is the best in Martial Art.

My conclusion is, as long as we done things that isnt against God words, than its ok.

GBU All.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bas Rutten Ground Fighting Tutorial

Hi all, i have added tutorial for ground fighting, taught by Bas Rutten. These are pretty great to watch. There are armbar, lock, etc. Bass Rutten is a good fighter and has gotten many title during his career

Ground technique will be usefull in real combat situation, in Brazil, many of street fighting ended in ground

Here are the clips to download, its all free:
Bas Rutten Lesson 1 (Armbar)
Bas Rutten Lesson 2 ( Hammer Lock)
Bas Rutten Lesson 3 (Reversed Hammer Lock)

Bas Rutten Lesson 4 (when opponent try to avoid lock)

All videos can be watched using Windows Media Player
more tutorial : Self Defense by Helio Gracie

Monday, March 10, 2008

Domestic Violence, Enough and Krav Maga

Hi all...!
I have made some improvement here. I hope that my pages can be visited by women visitor too, because MMA open for all gender. I have written a bit about martial art for women .

At the movie "Enough", Jennifer Lopez got hurt from her husband. And she feel that's enough after her daughter also got hit by her husband. Then there is come chance to protect herself and her daughter, she trained Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art.

Yes we know , at the end she can use Krav Maga for fight against her husband.

Dont get me wrong, of course im hoping that every families get their happiness without violence. But there is no problem for women to train martial art. You can use it for protect yourself against bullying (if you're at school) , kidnapping, crime, or protecting your kids.

Here are some clips from movie "Enough" that can be download for free :
Alive ( Original Soundtrack Clips, J-lo sounds great)
Enough Clips (against domestic violence campaign,J-lo got hit by her husband)
Enough Clips (J-lo trained Krav Maga then, the best part of the movie, she fought against her husband).

note :all files can be watch with Windows Media Player. If you like the movie, you can buy the original VCD or DVD.

Download all the 3 clips , then you know the message...
if you interested in Martial Art, i have some tutorial movie to download :
Self Defense lesson from Helio Gracie

Women MMA Fight :
Satoko vs Vitz
(J-lo in "Enough")

Friday, March 7, 2008

Benefit of Martial Art for Women

(Jennifer Lopes in Enough, movie about woman who learn martial art to protect herself against abuse by her husband, one of the tagline is "self defense isnt crime")

I know that if you're girl or woman or a lady...being MMA athlete wont be your way of life. But that doesnt mean you cant learn martial art...
Some wrong thought about women doing martial art are :
1. will get injured or scratch in face...
2. you will look macho (masculine)
3. women dont have talent in martial art
4. etc...

but lets think about some different idea..about injury...even you do cooking, accident could happened. Expert said that women got better body for sport because women body are more elastic than men also women have good stamina as men (ballerina must do warm up for about more than 1 hour, they also must have good balanced and strong feet).

As you do martial art train, you get some natural benefit such as, you can get weight loss, good posture and more fit for daily work. Because same as other sport, martial art train can made oxygen circulation develop well.

The special benefit are, you can protect yourself against crime (rape), also you can protect your family . Many abuse happened in family because wife cannot protect herself against her drunk husband, and unfortunately some get killed or serious injured.

Its your right to protect yourself and its not late to learn martial art.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ladies in Action!

No....if you think that im gonna post UFC ringboard girl....
Woman in MMA not only for showing sexybody while carrying round announcement, or just giving prize to the champion

Here is a good example of Ladies in MMA fighting
Satoko Shinaishi vs Pamela Vitz
Shooto 2005

Shinaishi vs Vitz

dont forget to download the flvplayer for this one

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who wants to watch 2 barenaked guys try to hold each other?

Years ago, arround 2001-2002, there is MMA shows in TV in my country. Some international MMA shows such as UFC, PFC, K-1, To Hot To Handle are aired in TV. Also there is 1 local MMA show, the TPI FC. But as time goes by....the MMA shows die one by one. Even at TPI FC , Indonesia got 1 good MMA fighter that shown up in foreign MMA Match.

So what made these shows tap their hands 3 times?

First, i think its about market or commercial benefit for the TV station. MMA is only popular in very small segmented viewer (generally men). Compare with the WWE that popular for men and children, Soccer (EPL, Lega Calcio) popular among men, teenager, kids and also women, TV Series (in my country called "sinetron") popular among women in all side of my country!!

Second, about culture... MMA isnt an original culture from my country. Even we have some martial arts development but grapple for fighting isnt popular. This thing followed by only small ammout of martial artist teach MMA.

Third , the media or press didnt socialize MMA well. They prefer to report soccer news than MMA. Sport Newspaper put handsome soccer player on their cover than MMA guy.

(one of tv series artist in Indonesia, prefer to watch her than the big men?)

So i dont know when MMA shows will return to Indonesia...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Link exchange


Link Exchange open
if you want to exchange link with my blog, please put the icon above in your blog. Put it in main page (in link list or icon list). To have that icon, please copy link below (copy all the codes at the box) and paste it.

Link exchange open for especially
sport blog and MMA blog. But also i will accept other.
I wont do link exchange with blog that contain pornography, hatred ,gore.
after put my icon in your blog, please inform me through comment on this post.

thanks for attention

Note : if you have blog about Christianity (Ministry,Missionary or etc), i will put your link in my main page for free (you dont need to put my icon in your blog)

Key of Brazilian Jiu Jit Su,by Helio Gracie

Here is some videos of basic Jiu Jit Su
(mostly in self defense practice)
Helio Gracie, the founder of Gracie's family Jiu Jit Su, show us how to deal with various attack. Helio is very small size old man , but he can defense himself well.

All files are wmv, can be play at windows media player,
dont have to download the flv player for this things



new update 17/03/08

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wanderlei Silva vs Tatsuya Iwasaki

Wanderlei Silva vs Tatsuya Iwasaki
Pride Shockwave 2002

16 Mb

a good strike match!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brock Lesnar in MMA

Brock Lesnar, former WWE wrestler try his luck in MMA fight
here is his first match against Min Soo Kim

5,1 Mb

Royce Gracie vs Akebono

Here is Royce Gracie vs Akebono video
you can download it through the link

Akebono is a big sumo fighter...
and Royce is a Brazilian Jiu Jit Su fighter

9.7 Mb