Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gina Carano : Crush

Its her again! I bet you prefer to watch her than men MMA fighter. But now , I shared her video on American Gladiator. Her nickname is Crush, and yeah, she still powerfull here. You can watch it for yourself. At first time I think she will hold back a little in American Gladiator....but hell..she try to crush down every opponent.

At this video, contenders fight gladiator in joust match. A real interesting match, which Gina was very powerful in striking her opponent. As a bonus you can watch her dance in top of joust arena....really "hot" dance for MMA artist (dont ever think Fedor will beat her in that movement!)

Gina "Crush" Carano shown off her skill at throwing down her contender....
A really dangerous lady i think.
If it happened in real arena, I guess the contender will get some broken bone.

Remember this is FLV file , so better to download the FLV player first (at the top post
Gina Carano Crush American Gladiator (Joust)
6,5 Mb

Monday, August 25, 2008

Gina Carano : The Gladiator, Mixed Martial Artist, Game Icon, Maxim Model, what next?

Born in 1982, Gina Carano is one of MMA girl actively fight in the ring. She is good at Muay Thai. After successful career at Muay Thai, she's been invited to fight at MMA. She won against some MMA popular fighter such as Tonya Evinger, Julie Kedzie and Kaitlin Young.

Besides her career at MMA, she also appear in Amercian Gladiator "Crush" series, then several times appeared as photo model in Magazine ( MAXIM ). Her newest shot was become the game icon of Red Alert 3. Her role as Natasha , a heroine from Soviet side.

Next, she will be shown up in movie "Blood and Bone", release in 2008

With all her talent, I think she can be lured to become actress or model than keep fighting in the cage.

Here is interview videos with Gina Carano about her role in Red Alert 3
(she laugh a lot here!)
Gina Carano Interview ,Red Alert 3
6,92 Mb, Flv File


Gina Carano : Diamond among rocks (Carano vs Evinger,full video!)

I have written about her in my blog :
Hottest Female in MMA (also there is video about her generally)

now Im just uploading one of her match, full match against Tonya Evinger. Carano herself is a rising star in MMA, not only because she's physically interesting, but also she has good technique. In this match we can see how powerful she is.

About Evinger, i also got her video, hope still can be downloaded (Kedzie vs Evinger).

Both of them are strong but i believe you and me are hoping on Carano.
Carano vs Evinger (23 Mb,Flv file)

Let me know if any problem happen in downloading.
Enjoy it!