Monday, August 25, 2008

Gina Carano : Diamond among rocks (Carano vs Evinger,full video!)

I have written about her in my blog :
Hottest Female in MMA (also there is video about her generally)

now Im just uploading one of her match, full match against Tonya Evinger. Carano herself is a rising star in MMA, not only because she's physically interesting, but also she has good technique. In this match we can see how powerful she is.

About Evinger, i also got her video, hope still can be downloaded (Kedzie vs Evinger).

Both of them are strong but i believe you and me are hoping on Carano.
Carano vs Evinger (23 Mb,Flv file)

Let me know if any problem happen in downloading.
Enjoy it!

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