Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chess and Martial Art

Yesterday, one of my friend look at my blog and asked why I create the MA blog, because as she know, my hobby is chess. Yes and thats ok with my chess hobby along with MA. Im an ex chess teacher for about 3 years. I taught chess for children at age 5 until teenage. I never got my master title, but my students doing great at competition. The last championship that assisting by me, my student got bronze medal (South East Asia level).

Well there are same principles between chess and martial art. Do some wrong moves then your opponent will eliminate you. Also we must think precisely for attack and defense, even in martial art we're not thinking as long as in chess game, we still must put in strategy in game.

Practice makes perfect, chess and martial art needs practice. And also need sparring between you and "opponent". In chess we know also term combination, including pinning, discovery, and others. Combination also made in martial art, you can hit and lock, hit and take down, etc.

And as i know Lennox Lewis (boxer) also study chess to apply it in boxing match. So there are nothing odd about learning chess and martial art.

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