Friday, April 18, 2008

Reborn...! (newest video : Fedor vs Yuji Nagata)

Hi all!
so sorry i cant update my blog for about a week. The government was tried to block so many site, including access to blogspot extension's site i guess. But now i decide to re open my blog, and dont care about that thing. I will told my fellow Indonesian to access my blog through proxy site if they cant access mine.

well, i also try to upload my newest videos to other site (not rapidshare, because it got block days ago, although now its ok).

anyway the newest video i've just add is match between Fedor vs Yuji Nagata.
Well its like a fight between high level fighter vs unlucky fighter (yeah, why you picked Fedor?). I think ref should stopped the match when Yuji got kick (while at ground)

here is the download link :

Fedor vs Yuji Nagata only 1,8 Mb
you can watch it through windows media player
first you can unpacked the file with winrar (common program in windows, if you dont have just search it in google)

more Fedor's video :
Fedor vs Hong Man Choi

please inform if you have problem in downloading! Thanks

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