Thursday, April 10, 2008

What If Jim Carey Teaches Self Defense?

Yeah he is a funny person, and a good comedian. I likes almost all of his movie, since The Mask and Ace Ventura. In this downloadable clip, Jim Carey acts as Self Defense instructor. Of course he taught with his funny style. You'll get laugh since the beginning of the clip. Kiai...kiai....kiai.... lol ...

Jim Carey Self Defense (7 Mb, non rapidshare)
file can be watch at Windows Media Player

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Crazy crolik said...

Jim Carrey rocks indeed!My favourite
clip with him is this

humanoidtyphoon said...

bro, uplot di megaupload donks, kaga bisa dibuka d sini :o

Kingindian said...

masak kagak bisa bro?
cobain lagi d...aye bisa kok

humanoidtyphoon said...

kaga bisa :(((

humanoidtyphoon said...

udah bisa bro :o