Monday, March 17, 2008

Never Give Up ( Fedor vs Hong Man Choi)

Get mounted, got several punches landed in his face..But seems it wont stop Fedor fight against Hong, a fighter with height over him. This match show us that when we try to resist and keep fighting, there must be a nice end. I didnt mention only in MMA world's, but also in our real life.

When we failed in career, school or even love life...dont ever stop to try again, and dont ever stop to stand and face all the problems. There will be chance to win the situation, just wait and keep your tough heart.

Downloadable videos :
Fedor vs Hong Man Choi (9,9Mb)
wmv files, you can watched it in Windows Media Player

really nice match to watch!

more videos to download, just check the index

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