Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Christianity and Martial Art (Personal Thought)

As i have written in the title, this is my personal thought, if you get unhappy with that one, you can just skip this post and read another or start downloading the free clips.

Many people feel controversy between Martial Art and Christianity, majority said that Martial Art against Christianity.

For me , Martial Art and Christianity can be in the same road. God provide us with many things, and it depend on use to use it for good things or bad. God gives us uranium, we can made it for power plant supply, or otherwise we can made nuclear weapon.

God gives us body, we can use it for good thing as sport or we can use it for bad thing as doing free sex or prostitution.

As He gives me a heathy body, i should take care of it well. Training in Martial Art will support our health. Also I train for helping others not for showing who is the best in Martial Art.

My conclusion is, as long as we done things that isnt against God words, than its ok.

GBU All.


Anca said...

I like the way you think...You're a good Christian

Kingindian said...

thanks for your comment