Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reason to fight

There are many reason to fight :
protecting ourself and family, i think this one is the most urgent reason to fight. And I believe that all of you will agree with this reason.

Fight for pride (?) its a bit funny i think. If you fight other people because you lost temper or you get insult. Yeah, but still this one is a logic reason for fight...especially in term of verbal bullying. If gang of people keep insulting you everyday, of course, I guess its ok to fight.

Sports, i dont include this reason as fight. Sport is sport, for the sake of health and hobby.

Girl (?) , this quite funny too...if you start a man to man fight to get a girl. Please re-think, although you won the fight, girl will not easily fall in love with you. We live in modern era, not in dinosaur era when you can get a girl through fight between man.

Money. This one also same as sport. You fight as your job. Of course in legal term (tournament), not fighting as your job is assasinator is ok i think )

So...whatever you do just think about the reason you done that things.
Have a nice day!

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