Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tameshiwari or in English define as breaking, is one subject in some traditional Japanese Martial Arts such as Karate. Usually bricks , wooden bar, or ice being used for breaking. Tameshiwari contest usually held also with martial arts tournament. The one who can breaks most bricks (or etc) will be the winner.

I used Tameshiwari training to know my strength. And yes, its usefull to know how much strength (increased) after doing physical training ( 1-2 months). When i first learn karate, i can only break 3 bricks, after some months, i can break 6-7 bricks.

One of the most important thing in doing Tameshiwari is breath control. Controlling breath can increase our focus and concentration, so you wont loose your energy by doing meaningless hit.

Here is a video showing a man doing Tameshiwari, you will get surprised of what he's done to that bricks.

Tameshiwari (1,4Mb only)
you can download it for free and watch it in Windows Media player
also check the index for more free downloadable videos


humanoidtyphoon said...

saia juga sering bro :D dulu pas masih latian MP gatel banget kalo gada yg diancurin :hammer:

Kingindian said...

yep it was fun to break something..(in legal manner)

humanoidtyphoon said...

haha, bener bro, sayang, balok ga mukul balik :(

masih binun cara matahin kikir 3 lapis pake koran digulung :hammer:

Kingindian said...

he3...btw have you download the file?he breaks it very easy
kayak mecahin krupuk bro...