Monday, March 10, 2008

Domestic Violence, Enough and Krav Maga

Hi all...!
I have made some improvement here. I hope that my pages can be visited by women visitor too, because MMA open for all gender. I have written a bit about martial art for women .

At the movie "Enough", Jennifer Lopez got hurt from her husband. And she feel that's enough after her daughter also got hit by her husband. Then there is come chance to protect herself and her daughter, she trained Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art.

Yes we know , at the end she can use Krav Maga for fight against her husband.

Dont get me wrong, of course im hoping that every families get their happiness without violence. But there is no problem for women to train martial art. You can use it for protect yourself against bullying (if you're at school) , kidnapping, crime, or protecting your kids.

Here are some clips from movie "Enough" that can be download for free :
Alive ( Original Soundtrack Clips, J-lo sounds great)
Enough Clips (against domestic violence campaign,J-lo got hit by her husband)
Enough Clips (J-lo trained Krav Maga then, the best part of the movie, she fought against her husband).

note :all files can be watch with Windows Media Player. If you like the movie, you can buy the original VCD or DVD.

Download all the 3 clips , then you know the message...
if you interested in Martial Art, i have some tutorial movie to download :
Self Defense lesson from Helio Gracie

Women MMA Fight :
Satoko vs Vitz
(J-lo in "Enough")


kier said...

Krav Maga is Israeli not Russian! More info at

Kingindian said...

woops thanks for the info!