Saturday, March 15, 2008

Equal Creature

In our life, we can see variety of people arround us. Sometimes we seen them more lucky, more handsome, more stronger than us...and of course that will make us discomfort about ourself. Same as in MMA, there are matches seem not fairly human with big body vs small body, quick vs slow, strong striker vs weak striker...etc.

But if you want to look deep inside yourself, we can realize that God creates everybody "equal"...
when you've got your handicap, must be have something more advanced than others.

I dont have good eyesight since childhood. My eyes got only 30% sight since teenager...(must use thick glasses...). But im try to train myself in martial arts...and although i cant seen my opponent well, I have good kicking power and stamina. When doing sparr, my opponent can hit me 3 times...but with only one kick , i made him knock out.

Yeah i know, with my condition, i cant participate in competition, and right now, just practicing by myself and still doing physical training (push up, sit up, running,crunches). But still i have confident, because God gives me another uniqueness.

So , dont ruin yourself because you look up at others and look down at yourself. In Bible, David are not choosen by his father for the new king candidate, but God said to Samuel to choose David, because God seen David's heart than his physical ability.

Surely every of us got special talent and speciality

God bless you all!

PS : interested to watch big vs small man , check out
Gracie vs Akebono


Connie S. Alspaugh said...

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Kingindian said...

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