Friday, March 28, 2008

Martial Art Classical Love Story

Lets talk about something a bit outside martial art. Maybe most or some of you who learn martial art...often imagining about being a hero infront of the man/woman you loves. Well thats not a sin. We just imagine that there comes time when the love one get into trouble, then you come as a hero to save her (or him?) just like in action movie...

Well..sometimes i think about it too..but I think it will never happens in my life. I dont know, maybe im too lucky, i never get into trouble that i must fight physically against criminal or thug or bully...( i never been bullied !)

Yeah maybe we must be patience to have chance to be a
When my friend talk about her experience with just hope that i will be there at that time, so i can help her. You must be think the same things i thought...Even we get lost..I think it would be cool ( of course not to get killed..)

The picture taken from Ocean's Eleven..great movie, Ocean try to get his girl back and risk his life.

This is just my personal thought. Dont take it serious!

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