Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Humor in MMA

In everyday life humor plays good part in it. Humor or jokes made us relax and of course laugh (or even big laugh). I have add clips about funny things happen in MMA match, and i dont know whether its accidentally happened or not. Some of greatest MMA athlete got their role in it.

And of course in everythings, including jokes and funny momment, we can get a wise message, such as, "dont kiss your opponent in his lips..."

Also talking about MMA, sometimes will get others seen us weirdly...maybe they thought we're gay who likes to watch men holding each other. Before i end this post, funny conversation happened with my friend, through YM, when I informed him about my blog

me : (giving my blog link) visit it, maybe you interested on it
friend : is it any porn or nude pictures there?
me : no, but many semi nude if you want to see it..
friend : oh great
me : yeah and they try to hold each other
friend : ok i'll check it out
(after few seconds)
friend : damm...its about martial art
me : lol...yeah semi nude guys try to hold each other ( i mean grappling)

i thought my friend don't read carefully my blog adress (as seen in my signature)
anyway this was real story...(i translate it into English language)

downloadable funny MMA videos :
funnyMMA1 (20Mb)
funnyMMA2 (22Mb)
all files can be played at Windows Media Player. Yeps its a bit big size, but worth to see!

dont forget to check out the index for more videos