Sunday, March 16, 2008


Some says attack as their best defense, but other says defense as their best attack. Well, for me, i choose the second statement. I'd like to wait for opponent to enter, then i do some defensive movement. Many MMA's matches end with the winning of the defender (the one who try to attack get him/herself countered).

And many of MMA matches run slow and bored because the two fighter just wait each other and preparing counter. They are just try to crouch and seen their opponent's weakness point.

However, in real life situation, of course we dont start to attack other (without a perfect reason), what acctually happened is the opponent start to attack us (criminal, thug, etc). Then of course what we do is try to defending ourself and made counter attack. I think thats what we called self defense.

maybe in next articles, i will write about attacking .
Anyway i have added lesson 9-12 in Helio Gracie's lesson about self defense
just check it out, and dont forget to check the index for article and videos that arent in main page.

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