Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awareness to keep you alive

Focus,awareness, concentration, needed in everythings we do. Work , school, blogging , etc. In real life fight or in martial art tournament, we also must keep focus on our fight (match). Distraction may comes from spectators, opponent, or referee. If you get distract, then you can unconsciously lower your guard, or losing chance to hit opponent.

In Gilbert Yvel vs Carlos Barreto match's, there was incident make by the ref. I takes time for the ref to consult with other side. When the ref finished with his job, than match can continue. Unfortunately for fighter that get distract. And of course lucky for Yvel to use this chance to end the match with beautiful way.

you can download the match here
Yvel vs Barreto
file can be watched in Windows Media Player.

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